6 Indoor Plants Anyone Can Keep Alive!

I am by no means a plant expert, and sadly I have killed my fair share of them, BUT after some trial and error I have found these plants to be relatively easy to keep alive! Indoor plants add a breath of life to the house as well as naturally clean and filter the air that you breath in your home! Plus, indoor plants are also a good excuse to buy cute planters. ;)

A couple tips to keep in mind when buying planters:

‣ Make sure the planters are big enough for your plant to grow. So do some research to decide what size of a planter your plant needs!

‣ Your planters MUST have a drain hole. If it doesn’t then your soil can’t drain which causes the plant roots to rot and then your plant could die. (My plants have sadly been the victim of this a couple times, but I’ve learned from my mistakes!)

Check out this list of my 6 favorite indoor plants, and see what works best for you! Best of luck!!



This plant is super trendy right now and is not as hard to take care of as people say! Make sure you water it weekly with about 6 cups of water (check your soil after a couple days, it should be moist about 1” under the top of the soil. If not, water it more). They also need a lot of sunlight and their leaves need to be dusted about once a month so they can more easily absorb sunlight!




This plant only needs to be watered every couple of weeks, allowing the soil to dry up to two inches below the surface! This plant needs a good amount of sunlight so be sure to place it in a room with a few windows.




These cute little plants need as much light as possible! They need more water than you think. Succulents roots need to be soaked, but then let them dry out and stay dry for a few days. They don’t need to be watered as often as other plants, but when they do get watered make sure to soak it!




This plant needs 2-3 cups of water weekly and the soil should be pretty moist at all times so make sure you check up on it! They also need direct sunlight.




This plant is fun because it hangs over the pot, so it is a nice change compared to plants that stick straight up! This plant thrives in lower light so it is great for rooms with fewer windows. This plant’s soil needs to completely dry out between watering or the roots will rot.




This plant only needs to be watered one a month and only with a couple cups of water. This plant also needs direct sunlight.

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