Baby Collin's Hospital Outfits!

Baby Collin's Hospital Outfits!

With baby girl already 4 days past due, I am trying to fill my time in any way possible so I can stay distracted and not go totally crazy! I repacked my hospital bag and my outfits for baby Collins. I obviously have a thing for monochrome baby looks as you can see in the photos below!! But its SO cute so I don’t mind one bit! Check out the outfits below and click the links to shop any of the items! Some of them are sold out so I linked to similar items. Please send all your labor vibes so this little girl can get here soon!

Three Baby Outfits for Collins


Quincy Mae TOP and BOTTOM

Bloom Headwrap Tie On Bow

Little Heirloom Bow

H&M Animal Booties

White SarahLouCo Faux Fur Throw



Plain Jain PJ Set TOP and BOTTOM - ON SALE

Top Knots Baby Turban

Little Poppy Co Bow

Faux Fur SarahLouCo Backdrop Throw




Nordstrom Fuzzy Sweater

Little Poppy Co Pink Bow

SarahLouCo Faux Fur Throw Blanket


Three Baby Outfits Laid Out on Bed

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