DIY Window Frame Facelift

DIY Window Frame Facelift

Painting Window Frames is actually a really EASY project, it is just very time consuming! Below I shared my six steps to complete your project, some DON’Ts, and the list of tools I used. I can’t believe the change a little paint made to my house! I truly believe it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. It’s all about the details!

TOOLS - I’ve linked all items!

-       Painters tape (I used 3 rolls for 14 windows)

-       Old blanket or sheet for ground protection

-       Scraper

-       Paint - I used interior/exterior matte Behr Ultra Pure Black (color 1350)

-       1” Paint brush

-       Damp paper towel or dish rag

HOW TO - Paint Window Frames

1.     Wash window frames REALLY well and wash the actual windows themselves!

2.     Tape outer edge of window frames.

3.     Using a higher end 1” paint brush, paint frames with long controlled strokes. If you accidentally splatter on the wall, immediately use a wet paper towel or dish rag to wipe it up. It will wash away super easily while it’s still wet!

4.     Depending on your paint color, you may need to apply one or more extra coats. I used a matte black paint and due to its thicker texture I had to apply 2 coats to even out streaks.

5.     Remove tape QUICKLY before drying, this will help your lines stay sharp and will help prevent any paint from being pulled up with the tape.

6.     Let the paint dry completely and THEN remove extra paint on glass using a scraper. Be careful not to scratch the fresh paint!

DONTS!! After painting FOURTEEN windows, I learned a few things NOT to do that would’ve saved me a lot of time.

-       DON’T tape the inside of the window frames (glass edge), it’s a HUGE waste of time! You can just use a scraper to easily remove excess paint on the glass.

-       DON’T let paint dry before removing the tape, I made this mistake and it pulled up paint that had dried and I had to redo that frame.

-       DON’T leave your windows uncleaned and try and paint over dirt or dust. It ruins consistency and will leave it splotchy.

-       DON’T think this is going to be a quick Saturday afternoon project unless you are just painting a couple windows!  

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