DIY Wool Felt Ball Garland

DIY Wool Felt Ball Garland

The easiest little craft that you can do by yourself, with your friends or with your kids! Seriously, it is easy enough for your kids to get involved! This is such an adorable craft and it was so fun to make! It couldn’t be a more perfect fall holiday decoration for your home. At the end of this guide is a video tutorial to give your more guidance on how to make your felt balls.

Here’s what you need:

1)    SarahLouCo Felt Ball Kit - Click here if you don’t already have one.

2)    Embroidery Needle

3)    Bowl of hot soapy water

4)    Towel

5)    Bowl of warm clean water

Wool Felt and Bowl

Here’s how to make the Garland:

1)    Take one section of wool, tear off a fourth to a third of the length of the wool. Set aside.

2)    Spread out your larger piece on your towel and separate the fibers horizontally so it lays in a single, flat layer.

Red Wool Torn Apart

Red Wool Spread Out Laying Down

3)    Dip your fingers into your bowl of hot soapy water and drip water onto the center third of the piece of wool. Roll dry ends into center and using your hands, softly form wool into a loose ball.

4)    Gently roll this ball between your hands for a few rolls and then dip into the bowl of soapy water.

5)    Continue slowly rolling ball of wool so it becomes  more of an actual circular shape, gently squeeze out of the water. (You don’t need to squeeze all the way dry yet, just enough so it isn’t dripping.)

Red Wool Ball

Red Wool Ball Zoomed Out

6)    Continue rolling, applying slightly more pressure as the ball takes shape. Keep applying more pressure as the ball becomes tighter and smaller.

7)    If at this point your ball of wool is super sudsy, dip it into your bowl of clean water and squeeze soap out. Do this 2-3 times or until most of soap is gone. Squeeze out remaining water so the ball is mostly dry.

8)    Set ball aside and grab your remaining section of wool that you tore off from the main piece in step one.

9)    Separate fibers in this piece and lay flat like you did in step two, then pull this in half so you have two even smaller sections of wool.

10) Take one of these small sections and wrap around your wool ball. These pieces are meant to cover any imperfections you currently have on your wool ball, wrap this piece all in the same direction.

11) Dip this in soapy water, just a little bit! Just enough to get slightly damp.

12) Roll ball until its smooth again and as you’re rolling you can try and cover any spots that you see that need covering. Squeeze dry and roll into circular shape.

13) Repeat steps 10-12 for your final little piece of wool.

14) Roll until smooth! Set aside and repeat steps 1-13 with remaining sections and colors.

15) LET WOOL BALLS DRY COMPLETELY! The felt balls won’t stay in place on the string unless they are completely dry.

16) Carefully thread your string onto your needle. Using your needle, go directly through the middle of the wool balls. String on all balls.

17) Once you have them strung, separate wool balls to your heart’s desire! You can play around with placement and they will stay in place! No need to tie them down.

Wool Balls Assorted Colors on String

18) Hang your Garland and tag @sarahlouco on your IG so I can see your beautiful masterpiece!!

DIY Wool Felt Ball Garland Final

I hope you have so much fun making these and get in the fall spirit! Happy Crafting!

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