Hospital Bag Check List

Hospital Bag Check List

If you’re reading this then you must be SOOOO close to delivering your little angel! Yay! The last thing you want is to be caught unawares when you FINALLY go into labor after months and months of waiting to meet your little human! So I wrote up a little checklist for your hospital stay. My list was much longer before delivering but after my experience at the hospital, I was able to narrow it down to what I TRULY needed so that you guys are better prepared than I was!

Hospital Bag Checklist Items

Hospital Bag Checklist Two

1) Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Robe - I have this barefoot dreams cozy chic robe and its amazing. I didn’t take mine off the entire time after my delivery. Sooo Cozy. And we all know cozy is my middle name!

2) Shower Sandals - Because hospital showers are disgusting and these are cheap. and pink.

3) Motherlove Nipple Cream - Start using this the second you start breastfeeding. Your nips will thank you.

4) Depends - These are 10000 times better than the nasty underwear and GIGANTIC pad they have you wearing postpartum. I made my husband Zach go buy me more while I was still in the hospital!

6) Tucks medicated cooling pads - These help soothe the firey downstairs pain.

7) Lulu Lemon Ready to Rulu Pant - By far my favorite sweatpants I have ever owned. I have these in several colors! Super comfy for in the hospital, leaving the hospital, for every day after the hospital…. you get it.

8) Dwell and Slumber House Dresses - I chose to wear this INSTEAD of the hospital gown because it made me feel a little more normal and it is way more comfortable. AND I didn’t have to worry about the back flapping open.

9) Travel Size Toiletries + Toiletries Case - Don’t forget all of your bathroom supplies!! Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash….. anything you usually use when getting ready for the day.

10) Hair Bands - Nobody has time for hair being all in your face and in the way of baby trying to breastfeed!

11) Chap Stick - For some reason I felt SO dehydrated after delivery and my lips got crazy dry! Chapstick is a need. Doesn’t matter what kind, just bring a stick.

12) Make-Up - We all know pictures are inevitable so if you wanna look a little dolled up then bring it!

13) Blow Dryer/Hot Tools - For when you shower and want to get ready for pictures!

14) Polaroid Camera - I completely treasure the polaroid photos I took during labor and after I delivered! Polaroid pictures are so so much fun.

15) Pregnancy/Birth Journal - I have already forgotten a lot of the details right after delivery but I can clearly remember when I read everything I wrote down in this journal!

16) Phone Charger + LONG Charging Cord - The outlets are in super weird places in those hospital rooms. This charging cord is super long so you don’t have to worry about not being able to reach your phone.

17) SarahLouCo Blanket - A soft blanket is a need because hospitals are cold and their blankets suck and are so so thin. SarahLouCo blankets are everything good in this world.

18) Your Own Pillow – I cant stress this one enough!!! Hospital Pillows also are the worst and so so flat. Having your own pillow will make you feel so much more comfortable!!!

19) A Bag to put it all in!!! I used this Lulu Lemon duffle bag because it is a great size with lots of pockets but literally any medium size duffle bag will work.

And that’s all!! If you want to add anything to the list, comment it below!! I would love to hear what you packed in your hospital bag that I did not include on my list. Happy Delivery, Mammas!!!

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