Postpartum Recovery Essentials

Postpartum Recovery Essentials

Let’s be honest, the postpartum recovery is NOT pretty. It basically sucks and isn’t talked about enough. Luckily during our recovery we get a cute little newborn baby to cuddle which makes everything better!! But just like your baby that needs constant attention those first few weeks of life, SO DO YOU.

These are the products that I used for my postpartum recovery and they totally helped me heal and get back to feeling semi normal. I linked all products so you can get them for yourself too! The biggest tip I can give of all would be to REST as much as possible and drink TONS of water. It will help your bowels keep moving which is essential, especially because that first postpartum bathroom trip is something you will never forget. Haha! Let me know if you have any questions!

Postpartum Recovery Essential Products

ITEM DESCRIPTIONS and why I liked each thing. I truly used each of these items regularly until I was completely healed.


Sitz Bath – you can just put this on your toilet seat and do a little soak! This helped with pain relief and inflammation.


Inflatable Donut Seat – I would sit on this when I took a bath and it dries out SUPER quickly. You could also just sit on this in general if you have a lot of pain.


Earth Mama Perineal Balm – This helped with instant pain relief and left a “cool” feeling. It really made things feel better when used with an ice pack!


Pain Relieving Spray – I used this stuff like no tomorrow, instant pain and itch relief.


Preparation H Hemorrhoid Cream – I used this probably twice a day, helped so so much with hemorrhoids.


Ice Pack – You need this. Enough said.


Epsom Salts – I dumped a bunch of Epsom salts into the water every time I bathed, which was like twice a day.


Stool Softeners/Aleve/Tylenol – These you can easily get at your local drug store but I took these regularly, and I STOPPED taking prescription pain killers once I left the hospital because they made my constipation worse.


Depends – I used these instead of the hospital pads and nasty underwear they give you because I felt like these were 100000% more comfortable and didn’t slip down or out of place like the underwear/pad combo.


Peri bottles – Put one in every bathroom. You will want to use this every time you go to the bathroom.


Cottonelle Wipes – Way way more gentle than toilet paper and don’t cause further irritation.


Tuck Pads – These are super helpful with hemorrhoid recovery, they’re soaked with witch hazel which is an anti-inflammatory.

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