Tips And Tools For Traveling With A Baby!

Tips And Tools For Traveling With A Baby!

I have now been on 8 different flights with Rozzi and two six hour road trips. We are definitely getting the hang out of this travel thing! I have learned some tricks along the way that will help you when planning your next trip with baby.



Rozzi is a MUCH happier traveler when we leave in the morning. Happy Baby = Happy Mom. 

2-    Gate Check your Stroller and Car Seat.

Almost every airline allows you to check these for free when you are boarding the airplane. This way you don’t have to be carrying your baby through the whole airport.

 3-    Take as LITTLE on the plane as possible.

Check whatever you can. I know it’s cheaper to pack a carry-on bag, but think about everything you have to take on the plane now that you are traveling with a baby: Yourself, a whole new human, all of their diapers, wipes, extra clothes because inevitably they will poop or throw up at the most inconvenient time, toys, a blanket, pacifier…. The list goes on and on. The whole boarding experience is much smoother if you have less stuff.

4-    Try and keep baby on whatever schedule you had while at home.

It can be a little tricky with time changes and wanting to hang out or do activities at night, but do your best to get at least one good nap a day and keep the bedtime routine somewhat similar to home.

5-    Pack baby’s stuff in a separate container.

I pack her stuff in super cheap little plastic tubs but there are also really cute packing cubes you can find on amazon! I fold all of her stuff kon mari style and put it in 1-2 small plastic containers that can fit in my suitcase.

Assorted Travel Essentials for Baby


1-    NUNA PORTABLE CRIB! The Holy Grail of portable cribs! Listen, I cannot stress this enough. INVEST IN A QUALITY PORTABLE CRIB. I am a big believer of “you get what you pay for.” I bought a cheap one that was super frustrating to use and broke after just a couple flights. I finally decided to go for the nicer and longer lasting option – the Nuna. It is SO easy to set up, is a little skinner than a normal pack and play which I prefer (it fits better in closets or bathrooms if you want baby to sleep in a separate room than you.) and its pretty!

2-    Portable Sound Machine. I have THIS one that works great. It’s rechargeable and can tie on to wherever you want.

3-    Black Out Paper. I got THIS set (it comes with 6 accordion papers) and you can cut the paper to whatever size the window is. This has been SO helpful for getting better naps and night sleep. Having a dark room is everything! You could easily fold it and pack it in your suitcase. (you may need to bring your own tape)

4-    Ring Sling/Baby Wrap. I am a big fan of the Wild Bird Sling, especially for naps on the go. Often you aren’t able to get back to your hotel room for every single nap, so this is a great way to get one in.

5-    Suction Toys – These are literally amazing and such a genius invention! They are toys that can stick on to airplane windows or the tray table. I have THIS one and THIS one.

6-    Portable Baby Monitor. I have THIS Infant Optics monitor. A little pricey, but I will use this for all of my kids.

7-    Plastic containers or THESE packing cubes to pack all of your baby’s stuff.


Essential Products for Traveling With Baby

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