Turks And Caicos Travel Guide

Turks And Caicos Travel Guide

Stop doing your research. This is your next travel location! White sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise water, and the perfect weather. Is there anything more you would need?! Here is where we stayed, what to pack, fun activities, and any tips and tricks you would need. There are several islands, but we chose to stay on Providenciales. 

Where to Stay:

The Sands at Grace Bay

This hotel is exactly what we wanted for several reasons! First of all, it was reasonably priced, not the cheapest hotel but by far not the most expensive. Also, it is located between two empty lots, so the beach itself was never too busy, especially since there weren’t as many hotel guests as other resorts. We also loved the small size because the staff was very attentive and knew us by name by the end of the week! They do everything they can to make your experience memorable and perfect. They also can help you book activities or dinner reservations if you need help. All of the rooms have a little kitchen so you can buy groceries and cook a few meals in your hotel if you would like to save a little money! We would definitely go back to this hotel, and we plan to do so!

Sarah and Zach Collins at the Beach 

Where to Eat:

The Hemingway’s Restaurant – This is the restaurant at the Sands at Grace Bay, and it was so delicious! Their fried conch was AMAZING.

Bella Luna Ristorante & Pizzeria – Their pizza was so delicious! Perfect for just a relaxed night, especially if you want to order to go and take it back to the beach.

Bugaloo’s – This is a MUST! It is a fun local restaurant right on the beach. You can actually sit with your bench in the water. They are famous for their conch.

Bay Bistro – This restaurant is a little more pricy but is fun for a fancier night out!

Sarah Collins Scuba Diving at Grace Bay


Something unique about this island is that activities are happening out in the water all day like parasailing, jet skis, boating, snorkeling, and canoes. You can rent them on the spot anytime you would like. 

Here are some activities you can book ahead of time:

Snorkel Cruise

Book this snorkel cruise to experience the true underwater beauty of Turks and Caicos. It’s a great place to see plenty of marine life! 

Kayak Tour 

Many of the resorts in Turks and Caicos have kayak and paddle board rentals for guests to use. You can also schedule a kayak tour with a trained guide where you can see wildlife and marine life.

Sarah and Zach Snorkle at Beach

What to Pack:

Plenty of Swimsuits!


Tanks and Shorts


Tennis Shoes

A few regular outfits

PLENTY of sunscreen. 



Tips and Tricks

Everything in Providenciales has to be imported, so even basic items are pretty expensive. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting sunscreen or essential toiletries like I did and spend a fortune replacing all of it when you get there! 

Going along with the above statement, eating out can get pricey. So, we went to a local grocery store and purchased everything we would need for breakfast and lunch. We made those meals in our hotel room so we could spend our money on activities and fun dinners! 

The roads are reversed! You drive on the left-hand side of the road, so keep that in mind when renting a car or a scooter. There also are not ANY stoplights on the island; round-a-bouts run everything. 

Although it is British territory, the island uses American money, which is super convenient for us Americans.
We had the best time on this vacation, and we hope you do too! Let us know if you have any questions!

The Sands at Grace Bay 

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